Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Little Black Book

Well, tonight is the rescheduled premiere date for The Last Ship. I fully respect TNT's decision to postpone the airing and I'm very much looking forward to watching the start of season three.

Wynonna Earp's lead-in to the finale blew my mind. I'm not sure if the show will have a second season, but I'm so hoping it does. That said, I don't trust Syfy the way I used to. At least I know Killjoys and Dark Matter will be showing up soon.

Orphan Black. Wow. Seriously, just wow. While I'm incredibly sad next season will be the last, I'm also kind of excited because I know it'll far surpass anything I expect or can anticipate. As for the finale, once again, Rachel proved she's the biggest bitch on the planet. I'm rather looking forward to a major toppling of her reign of terror. I can always keep my fingers crossed that what she thinks she wants and deserves ends up being her total undoing, right?

Still working my way through the first seasons of Babylon 5 and Strike Back. Someday, when I have copious amounts of spare time, I want to get back into recapping and sharing my joy for my favorite shows. There's something fun and rewarding about interacting with other fans.

Tonight's post is from Little Black Book, a sexy short with something of a cat and mouse premise.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Kalyn Miles is footloose and fancy free and likes it that way. She does what and who she wishes. Her current object of desire is Sid Mortimer, but he'll have nothing to do with her—especially since she wants to add him to her little black book.

And a snippety peek…

Sid fought the urge to fist pump the air. He'd managed to put a chink in Kalyn's armor without tearing her down. He had no claim on her or her body. No right to make demands or pass judgment. Sid might consider Brad Bradley one slimy step up from a toad, but women flocked to the man's side. He didn't blame Kalyn for getting caught in the net.
But he could sit back and use her repulsion to his advantage. And get his point across. She could sleep with a different guy every night—her choice, no skin off his back. But none of those men would be him—the one she wanted at the top of her list. Arrogance didn't enter into his warning. He could give her exactly what she wanted. A onetime deal. A good, hard fuck and nothing more. But she wouldn't have him. She'd get a hard dick, a mind-blowing orgasm, and not much else. He laid his cards on the table and walked away, not because he aimed to hurt her, but as a reminder of what he wanted.
Her and only her. His sharing days were over.
He'd played the musical bed game and thoroughly enjoyed every moment… until he didn't anymore. A hot body with a nice rack and sweet curves like Kalyn's definitely got his libido to stand up and take notice. But he'd keep a tight rein on his sex drive, so much easier knowing she'd unleashed all her female goodness on Bradley. Not only because the idea stung his ego more than a little, but also because he had infinitely more patience than Kalyn did.
She needed more time, which he'd provide. Although maybe not happily.
A firm grip on his shoulder had him turning away from the bar.
Kalyn tilted her head and shaded her eyes with her hand. "I have a proposition for you, if you're willing to compromise just a tiny bit." She trailed her fingers down to his forearm.
Sid hid his surprise, stepping away and crossing his arms over his chest. "Okay, I'm listening." He met and held her gaze. "No promises, and whatever you have in mind better be good."

If Kalyn's not careful, she's going to back herself into a corner. Sid's got the upper hand right now and he likes having it.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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