Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Quid Pro Quo

What a great week in television for writing inspiration. I love to do my weekly roundup of viewing fare because it always gets my creative juices flowing. Sundays tend to be great writing days. LOL

Gotham might be having its best season yet. Truly, I love everything about it so far. I'm hoping the momentum continues and the show doesn't crash and go off the rails.

The Flash remains excellent. Loved seeing Jessie and Wells again. Also like the slow reveal of Caitlyn's issues. I'll leave it there for folks who aren't caught up yet.

Agents of SHIELD had a great episode. Everyone is finally back in the fold and it's time to move the story along.

Once again, Arrow proved to be awesome. Overall, it's still my favorite show. I love how they worked Quentin into the storyline and the way it went down. He makes so much sense for the new role he's taking on. Looking forward to the next episode to see how things go with Diggle.

Legends of Tomorrow also brought a great episode to my screen. I'm enjoying how hard the team is finding being an actual team. Very interested in seeing what happens with the new guy. Between Gideon and the two resident geniuses, I think he'll be alright.

MacGyver stayed fun. I have a fondness for train hijinks and the show delivered a terrific episode with a last minute save. Can't ask for more.

As usual, Van Helsing left me a little "meh". It's probably time to drop the updates since I'm not completely into the show. Sadly.

And that's it for television this week. I'll have some feelings about Murdoch Mysteries in the next post. YAY!

Tonight's post is from Quid Pro Quo, a sexy short where coworkers decide whether to act on their mutual attraction.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Abel Reynolds gets injured and laid up for a couple of days, Lark Munroe decides to provide a little quid pro quo check in on him, except she's got way better ideas to pass the time than Abel ever did.

And a snippety peek…

Abel blinked and shook his head. Lark tended to breeze in, work up to a gale force whirlwind then exit on a hearty gust that sucked the energy from the room. And none of it in a bad way. He didn't know he needed or wanted human companionship until she walked through his front door.
Why did she really stop by? Her visit surprised him, mainly because he had no clue what her angle might be. Repaying a kindness would be something she'd do, but he'd dropped in on her because—as second in charge—he had a responsibility to make sure his people got what they needed.
Lark didn't owe him anything. Which she totally understands, you moron. Right, but she has no reason to stop by.
Unless… No, he shouldn't read anything into her visit. "Because then I'd have to decide what to do, if anything." Acting on a mutual attraction—if one existed—could be sticky.
He couldn't indulge the fantasy of being with his perfect woman. But, damn… he'd love to explore each and every possibility. Lark had the total package. Great looks. Super smarts. Terrific personality.
Visualizing how hot and steamy they could make a room never proved to be a problem. The raging hard-on it gave him did. Kind of like now, when she'd be returning in the near future. Adjusting the rigid length of his dick under his pants didn't help. And no way could he grab a pillow to cover the evidence. She'd know in a heartbeat.
Growling, he brought his good leg up and propped his foot on the couch cushion. "Could I be any more screwed?" A sexy image of Lark with her head thrown back while she rode him hard and fast flashed in his mind.
He grabbed the glass of cold tea and settled the glass over his cock. Probably wouldn't help much, but a cold shower couldn't happen until much later tonight.

Something tells me that cold shower might happen before Abel thinks it will.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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