Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Quick Draw

October 9, 2016

Gotham continues to intrigue me. I'm a little lost when it comes to Leigh and what's going on with her, but I'm in for the ride. The double Bruce's are definitely interesting so here's hoping that story pays off in a good way.

Still behind on Agents of SHIELD. Gotta try and catch up before the new episode.

The Flash kicked butt. I'll be disappointed if the whole resetting of the timeline keeps happening though. That said, it seems like there are some solid repercussions, which I'm totally down with.

Arrow also rocked. I'm thrilled to have the Russian storyline for the flashbacks. According to the scuttlebutt, this is the last year for flashbacks so I plan to enjoy. Moving forward, I'll be interested to see how things play out. Maybe they'll do futurescapes or something.

In all honesty, Van Helsing isn't quite doing it for me. I'll give it the rest of the season to see if the storyline improves. I'd really like to fall for this show.

MacGyver is seriously not bad. I do love the callbacks to the original but also the updated vibe of the new. I'm interested in the whole father thing, because the impression is Mac's is still living. That should be a fun twist.

Not sure I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead's premiere. I may skip the opener and watch The Talking Dead instead. I've got the same feeling I had during season two, which I ended up skipping.

Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are up next. We've had football airing on our local CW channel so I might be playing catch up again.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Quick Draw, a sexy short that started with a kernel of an idea about jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Utah Slace has a constant stream of male visitors coming and going from her apartment and Hoyt Lancelot, her neighbor, draws the quick conclusion he's moved in next to a prostitute. Utah decides he needs a lesson in why making snap judgments is not a good idea.

And a snippety peek…

Utah studied the canvas in front of her. The color saturation spoke of dark secrets waiting to be revealed. She hoped to help bring them to light.
Turning, she smiled. "Morse, this is amazing. What do you think? One more session on this then start on a new one?" She pulled the cord and slid the curtain across the wall, covering his work.
Morse rubbed at his shoulder. "I don't know, Utah. I still have some ideas. Could we work two more sessions?" He stretched his arm above his head.
Utah frowned. "Are you stiffening up?" She grasped his bicep and led him to the massage table in her corner nook.
He shrugged. "I am a little. But I don't want to paint on the easel. I really like working on the hanging tarp."
Utah nodded toward the array of hospital gowns she kept stocked in her hutch. "Do you want one?"
Morse shook his head and stripped off his paint-spattered t-shirt. He got up on the table and lay flat on his back. Utah lowered the lights and turned on some island-inspired music. Adding some oil to her palms, she began at his nape and worked her way to his shoulders, massaging deeply and kneading the knots from his muscles.
Morse eased over onto his stomach and Utah continued the deep tissue therapy, her fingers gliding over the scars dotting his upper torso.
She added a little more oil to her hands. "We'll want to work on your posture when you're painting. I have some exercises you can do before we start a long session. They'll keep you loose and flexible while you create your art." And the meditative quality might help him work through some of his trauma.
Morse chuckled. "You're going to turn me into some new age guru dude, aren't you?"
Her lips curved. "Yeah, I can see it now. You'll be wearing crystals and chanting in no time." She hit a tender spot and he flinched. "Sorry, Morse. Make sure you use some ice when you get home." Stepping away from the table, she turned the lighting up a little more, giving him time to put his shirt back on.
He slid down and moved his shoulders back and forth. "Actually feels better. That one area on my lower back still gives me twinges though."
And probably would for a good long while. Two bullets tearing through flesh and muscle created a lot of damage.
She nodded. "Let me show you those stretches I was talking about and see if that helps a little."
Morse watched then tried the maneuvers and agreed he'd work them into his regular workout each day. Utah hoped he'd remember. Sometimes his brain got things muddled up, part of the reason he came twice a week. If he forgot, she'd add a little extra time to his sessions and go over the stretching exercises with him before he started painting.
Being flexible and letting her clients work at their own pace and at times they were comfortable made her schedule insane, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

This one may end up becoming a longer work, but I'd really like to focus on the foot-in-mouth angle of a hot hookup that shows promise for more.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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