Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Read Between the Lines

Ugh. It's been a long week with terrific and terrible happenings. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'm choosing to focus on the terrific. I'm the proud owner of a new to me car! Very excited to have an extra vehicle. Yay!

Television didn't disappoint again this week. I only half-watched The Walking Dead, mainly because I had several deadlines I needed to meet. I'll be front and center tonight for The Librarians, one of my favorite escapist shows.

Gotham upped the stakes again and I'm truly interested in where things go from here. I love the interaction between Cobblepot and Nygma. Seriously, I would probably watch a spin-off show of just them. LOL

The Flash laid some groundwork for the showdown with the Alchemist. Looking forward to the crossover episodes starting on Monday.

Arrow had a great episode. Loved the gestures of friendship and the twisty betrayal at the end. Kind of leaning toward knowing who the vigilante is, but excited for the reveal… eventually.

Legends of Tomorrow is doing an awesome job of making the hiccups and ripples count. I like not really knowing for sure how much they're affecting their futures by messing about in the past. Fun times.

I got a late start to MacGyver's episode and need to catch up on the beginning, but another enjoyable way to spend the thirty minutes I did get to see.

Still need to watch this week's episode of Murdoch Mysteries, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the previous week's offering. It's nice to know more about Miss James.

Putting together my holiday show binge watch list. Starting Friday, the holiday tunes and television screen will be filled with merry-making fare. LOL

Tonight's post is from Read Between the Lines, a novella that got its start with the two-word prompt of "Dear sir".

Here's the mini-blurb:

Lexa Bode finds a letter Kers Jarvis wrote to his father at the tender age of seven. Her heart breaks for the handsome firefighter. The missive covers so much, but the young Kers leaves a lot unsaid, things his old man wouldn't see, but Lexa does—she can't miss it, she considers subtext her second language.

And a snippety peek…

Kers paced the residential area of the station house. He'd invited his father's assistant to dinner. What the hell?
But why not? He liked Lexa. The day she handed him his ass—in her sweet Lexa way—about taking a step back and looking at his dad through a regular person's eyes struck home. And stayed with Kers. He appreciated the insight.
She cleared her throat. "I'm ready." Her purse draped casually over her shoulder. "Are you sure about dinner?" She tilted her head to the side.
Kers flashed a smile. "Absolutely. There's a great burger place in the brewery district. Kind of a hole in the wall joint, but really terrific food." He quirked a brow, not sure what kind of fare she liked.
A wide smile crossed her face. "I could really go for a double with fries." She pushed the door open and stepped out into the humid air.
Kers followed and nodded toward his car. "I'm over here. Unless you want to drive and follow me?" His gaze scanned the parking lot, but he didn't see her car. "Wait, where're you parked?"
Lexa lifted a shoulder. "I carpooled today. Gotta pick my vehicle up from the garage in the morning." She paused. "You don't mind giving me a lift home, do you?" Her hand hovered over the door latch.
Kers chuckled. "Not at all." He opened the door for her. "What's up with your car?" He ducked around to the driver's side and slid behind the wheel.
Lexa frowned. "Recall on something to do with the drive train. The cost is covered but, man, it's a pain in the butt to not have a vehicle." She fastened her seat belt and turned toward him. "All the loaner cars were already claimed and I didn't want to wait to have the work done."
Kers started the engine. "How long have they had it?" He pulled out of the parking lot and turned the air conditioning on.
Lexa snorted. "Almost a week. They called around lunchtime today and said I can pick it up in the morning."
Kers slid a quick glance her way. "Do you need a ride to the dealership?" He stopped at a red light and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.
Lexa smiled. "Thanks, but your dad has pickup duty tomorrow. He's been kind of great, making sure I have a way to and from work." She settled back into the seat. "Apparently, I'm not the only one with administrative skills."
Kers let his lips curve but bit back his tongue to keep from saying the first thing that popped into his head. Since when does my dad go out of his way to make life easier for anyone?
Lexa made small talk the rest of the drive, leaving his dad out of the conversation. Kers appreciated the effort. Having a little insight from her about his dad's surly moods helped with the here and now, but the past took a little longer to get through.
Pulling up beside the diner, he turned off the engine, putting his parental issues aside. "Ready for the best burger in town?" He popped the door and met her outside the car.
Lexa inhaled deeply. "Mmm. Smells like heaven." She waved toward the entrance with a flourish. "Lead the way, please."
He laughed and made a show of ushering her into the restaurant. Her eyes went wide when she took in the retro vibe of the interior and she made a beeline for a corner booth for two. Kers ambled along behind her, a sense of rightness settling over him.
Deciding to invite her to dinner might rate as one of his best moves in a long time.

Such a promising start to a possible relationship. But the elder Jarvis might stick his unwanted nose into the middle of things.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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