Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Stone-Cold Sober

The Walking Dead returns tonight and I'm torn between wanting to watch and not. I'm feeling very bleh today and might hold off and watch later.

The Flash is getting good. Not that it wasn't already, but I like how much they've upped the stakes and how the Flashpoint 'verse continues to bleed into the current reality.

Legends of Tomorrow also keeps getting better. And it's renewed for season three, which makes me very happy. I'm gutted over Rip becoming a marginalized version of his former self. Here's hoping that changes soon.

Arrow finally had some payoff for the bitchtastic reporter. Oliver just can't pick 'em. I do love the addition of Dinah and look forward to her interactions with the team. Rene and Quinton made me so happy. I love the dynamic there.

Riverdale again had a terrific show. The Betty and Veronica, B & V, team-up kicked major ass and seeing Alice get punched in the face made me happy. I'm kind of hoping we'll get to see what makes her such a harpified menace. Can't wait for this week's episode.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Stone-Cold Sober, a novella that got a start with a writing community prompt.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Tansy Jons meets West Tamesin, they have an instant connection, but she's dating one of his oldest friends. A drunken evening and almost hook-up with West has Tansy examining what she feels as soon as she's stone-cold sober.

And a snippety peek…

Jeff wished West all the best and headed back into the office. West slid behind the wheel and started the engine. His phone pinged and he switched over to Bluetooth before answering.
"David, how the hell are you?" West backed out of his parking spot and drove toward the street.
David laughed. "Damn, West. It's good to hear from you. I'm great." He paused a moment. "You, on the other hand, sounded like shit on the message."
West snorted. "Still call 'em like you see 'em, eh?" David knew West too well.
David snickered. "With you? Always. Seriously, man. What's going on?"
West filled David in while he drove out of the city and hit the freeway. The whole shitty story came pouring out along with the mention of coming home.
Weight dropped off West's shoulders when he took the exit heading for his condo. "So, I was wondering if you know of any place for rent? Something out and away from people?" He turned into his driveway and stopped outside the garage.
David gave a quick answer. "I don't, but let me ask my new girlfriend. Tansy's got an inside line on all the available properties coming on the market."
New girlfriend? He'd been out of touch with his best friend for too long.
West ribbed David. "New girl? I thought for sure you were gonna marry the last one." He'd actually been waiting on David to pop the question and give West a date to be home for the wedding.
David tsked. "Nah. Thought we were headed that way, too. But Greta took a job in a different state and I'm not at a place where I want to move." A long pause followed. "Long distance relationships don't interest me."
A lick of guilt hit West. "Damn, man. I'm sorry. You should've called me." Maybe he had; West traveled a lot over the last year.
David snorted. "Eh, we made a clean break. Haven't talked to her since she moved." He changed the subject. "Met Tansy John at a networking event and we've been hooked up ever since. Going on about three months now."
West leaned back in his seat and cut the engine, waiting on the Bluetooth to kick off before grabbing his phone. "Is it serious between you two?" Rebound relationships weren't really David's style.
David huffed out a breath. "Maybe? I don't know. She travels the tri-state area going to estate sales for the designer she works for." He waited a beat. "But she always comes home after a day or two on the road." Meaning no long distance relationship stuff.
West popped the door and exited his car. "Well, that's great, David. Think a week will give her enough time to put some feelers out?" He'd take a couple of days to pack up and put his condo on the market.
The furniture and big appliances would stay. West only needed his personal items, clothing, bedding, towels, and his coffeemaker, all of which would fit in his car.
David let out a low whistle. "You're not wasting time, buddy. Yeah, I'll get with her tonight."
West thanked his best friend and ended the call. He entered his home and strolled into the kitchen, grabbing a beer from the fridge. Popping the top, he wandered into the living room and sank down onto a side chair. Maybe he should think about finding a good woman and getting settled. For too long he'd had fast fucks or a relationship that lasted no longer than a one-night stand. Hell, he couldn't remember the last time he'd spent an entire weekend with someone.
Couldn't remember that last time he'd wanted to spend that long with a woman.
Moving home could change his mindset. Used to being alone, he could only hope so.
Because he needed something to hold on to now.

I like where this one is going and hope to have it finished up in the next couple of months.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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