Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Vin's Valentine (An Organic Nature Short)

Well, graduation turned out to be an inside affair, with bad weather predicted for the evening. That means a hot, crowded event in the gym. Bleh. But I loved watching my son get his diploma and even got him to stand still long enough to take a couple of pictures. LOL

Gotham is really going for broke. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Lee's walk on the dark side, but I'll hold out and see what happens.

I continue to be saddened by the "meh" of Doctor Who. I miss the days when I couldn't wait for new episodes. Now I'm lucky if I remember to turn it on because there's no anticipation for new stuff. Eh… hopefully that will change soon. I really enjoy the quasi-spinoff, Class. I'd love to see more of that one.

Orphan Black starts the final trip next weekend and I'm excited and sad and impatiently awaiting the premiere. Can't wait to see what Sarah and her sestras bring to the screen.

Watched a Torchwood marathon, well, only the first two seasons because I loved them so much. The third wasn't bad but the fourth… ugh. Ended up pretty much hating that one. If rumors are true and there's going to be a Torchwood revival, I'm hoping like hell it's more like the first two seasons. Fingers crossed.

That's it for television. Tonight's post is from Vin's Valentine, a sexy short and part of the Organic Nature series.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After Eppie revealed her kinkier side to Vin, their trust and bond is deeper and better than ever. But there's someone else who knows how Eppie likes to play and he's hell-bent on worming his way back into her life.

And a snippety peek…

Eppie Collins carried a huge tub of fabric upstairs from her basement storage space. "Can't believe I ran out of heart-shaped soaps." Not that she'd complain.
This year's signature scent hit all the right romantic notes. Gardenia, freesia, and peony. A touch of spring in a rich, luxurious blend. The bars flew off her shelves. Having gorgeous, fabric packaging helped. Eppie needed to send her sister Dani on a weekend spa trip for coming up with the idea.
Halfway to the door, the bell chimed and Eppie hoisted the tub to one hip, opened the heavy oak, and pasted on a smile of greeting.
The curve took a quick downward turn when she came face-to-face with her ex, Jordan Nash.
He wore a sly smile and, as usual, made a slow once-over of her appearance. "Eppie, babe, you're looking incredible, as always." His eyes flashed with interest.
Eppie did a slow ten count, taking in the tailored clothes—a crisp, pale blue button-down, dark cuffed pants in sienna brown, and a tweed blend jacket with a navy and tan pocket square—expensive shoes, currently covered in a slushy mix, and a new close-cropped haircut.
He'd obviously put her ten grand to good use over the past few years. But the change in his appearance couldn't wipe away the image she had of coming home and finding Jordan in the shower with a prospective client, a woman they'd had over to dinner the night before. Said female had her lips wrapped around his dick while he had his hands fisted in her wet, stringy hair.
She moved past him and shut the door behind her. Jordan stepped out of her way, not bothering to ask if he could help with her heavy load. Eppie placed the bin on the rustic, mission-style church pew she used for displays in the summer.
Then she placed her hands on her hips. "What do you want, Jordan? How did you find me?" Not that she'd tried to hide, but she moved across the state and she'd never told him where she grew up.
He rolled his shoulder. "A quick name search turned up your website and from there it wasn't hard." He nodded toward the door. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" For effect, he shivered a little.
Eppie snorted. "Unless you're here to make a purchase, no, I'm not welcoming you into my home." She pinned him with her gaze. "Why are you here?" Keeping her voice even proved harder than expected.
She really wanted to punch him in his smarmy face.
He sent her a contrite look. "I'm looking for a second chance, Eppie. I hated the way things ended between us." Wrapping his arms around his waist, he hunched into his jacket.
Eppie quirked a brow. "Really? Looked to me like you were enjoying the hard suction of, what was her name again? Lilly? Lucy?" She waved a hand. "Eh, her name doesn't matter. Your dick in her mouth was all I needed to see." She picked up the crate and started for her studio.
Jordan followed, picking his way carefully through the snowy path. "Eppie, you have to know she meant nothing to me. In fact, she was supposed to be the warm-up to a pleasant new experience for us." He pitched his voice low, probably trying to sound sexy.
He failed on epic levels.
Eppie stopped and faced him. "What gave you the idea I'd welcome another person in our bed?" Sitting in a chair watching, maybe; but actively participating?
Nope. Not her thing. The fact Jordan assumed Eppie would fall in with his plan kind of blew her mind. Consulting her would have been nice.
His eyes went wide. "Are you serious? You forget I participated in many of your kinkier fantasies. Adding another woman to the mix shouldn't have been a problem." His lips curved in a wolfish smile. "And, of course, I've got more than enough to satisfy two."
Eppie shook her head. Could he have missed the point any more than he did?
Jordan unwrapped one of his arms and trailed a finger down her cheek. "I know how much you like a nice, big cock, Eppie. How long has it been since you've had one?"
Had his tone always been so oily? How had she missed the size of his ego? So unlike Vin… right, time to end this conversation.
Eppie made a show of looking at her watch. "Hmm. About six hours ago, Jordan." She started toward her studio again, but glanced back over her shoulder. "In my ass." Why not twist the knife a little?
Jordan provided the expected reaction. His mouth opened then snapped shut and the abject hurt quickly replaced by anger on his face meant she'd scored a direct hit. Good. Served the asshat right.
He schooled his features. "I'm disappointed I missed the opportunity, but no matter."
Ha. Eppie would totally call bullshit if she didn't want to be rid of Jordan as soon as possible. Missed opportunity? Since when did anal sex equate as some big prize? Oh, right. Since Jordan coveted doing the taking.
He didn't need to know her ass had yet to be breached. And he had no reason to stick around any longer.
Eppie paused outside her shed. "If there's nothing else? I have orders to fill. Valentine's Day is a big holiday for me." She'd made sure to inject dismissal into her tone.
Jordan frowned, no doubt still hung up on his lost chance. "Of course. I'm sure it is." He backed away, watching where he put his feet. "I'll be in town for a few days… if you change your mind. Maybe we could have dinner?"
Eppie made a noncommittal sound and shouldered her way into the shed, lifting her fingers in farewell. Shutting the door, she dropped the bin and leaned against the wall. She rubbed at her temples, fighting a headache.
"There has to be a reason Jordan fucking Nash decided to show up."
And a second change had nothing to do with it. She'd bet her ass on that one.

I'm pretty pleased with how this one is coming together. Jordan is a fun antagonist to write and Eppie needs the chance to deal with him once and for all, especially since she has Vin to soothe away the 'ick' of dealing with her ex.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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