Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Your Move

Yeesh, July has been a rough month. I'm kind of glad to see the tail end of it. Of course, mid-August starts the school year and it's crazypants from then until after the first of the year. LOL

I'm almost caught up on Dark Matter, which remains pretty decent. I do love the character interactions in this show. I'm slightly put off by all the new introductions, but I'll get over it.

Still need to catch up on Killjoys and Wynonna Earp. I really, really hate being made to wait for the episode for a full week. Seriously? The stupidest thing ever to not have the episode available immediately for people who can't watch or have another commitment and are unable to view when it's on. I'll never understand why network executives get paid the salaries they do when they're making decisions that shoot themselves in the foot. <shrugs>

Final episodes of Teen Wolf start tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing how this series ends. Very excited for the returning faces.

Less than a month away from The Last Ship. Again, impatiently waiting for one of my favorite shows to return. Come on August 20!

That's pretty much it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Your Move, a novella that started with the two-word prompt 'you win'.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Reilly Mounts returns to her hometown after an impulsive marriage and a divorce that's turning ugly. Caden Bromley, her high school flame, wants to pick up where they left off, but Reilly needs some time to figure out where he fits in her life… and she has to deal with her soon-to-be ex.

And a snippety peek…

Reilly Mounts drove into Haven's Mill, hometown USA, and faced down a lot of memories. "Gram, I hope this is what you wanted." Reilly didn't take the time to stop at the cemetery to visit her grandmother's grave… she'd have plenty of time later.
Because she'd come back to Haven's Mill to stay. For better or for worse.
Cruising through the mid-sized town, she relived most of her childhood and teenage years. Some new trendy shops mixed with the old standards on Main Street. The Pike Café got a facelift, something she'd missed on her trip to lay her grandma to rest six months ago.
Her lips curved. "Wonder how Gram felt about the new sign for Toodle-Doo's." The antique store now sported a neon sign, which clashed with the shop's vintage fare. "Maybe they're going more retro instead of pastime." Wanda Mounts would've pitched a fit… change never came easy for her.
Reilly frowned. "God knows I threw a lot at her." College, an impulse wedding, staying away for six years—time she'd never get back with her grandmother.
Reilly made the turn onto Mill Road and headed toward her destination. She didn't know what kind of reception she'd receive but she had to try… to get her life back on track, to make amends, to settle down. She owed nothing less to her gram's memory.
Pulling into the parking lot of Bromley's Lumber and Hardware, she cut the engine. Taking a deep breath, she got out of her vehicle but paused. Nervous tension filled her. Seeing Caden Bromley again shouldn't be such a big deal. But what the hell did she say to the guy she walked away from?
She shook her head and ran through several ways to greet him. Everything from apologies to cheesy pick-up lines tumbled through her brain. Nothing fit or seemed right.
She huffed out a breath. "I wonder how he'd respond if I just said, 'Hi, Caden, it's been a long time." Super easy but… too simple?
"He'd probably say something like, 'Reilly, I'm sorry for your loss. What brings you to Haven's Mill?'"
Reilly gasped and whirled around. The sight of him knocked her back. He'd filled out, no doubt from working full-time at the lumber yard. He'd also added about two more inches to height, putting him right about the six foot mark. Her observations put chinks in her already battered armor. He looked so terrific… but also very guarded. Not that she blamed him.
Caden glanced beyond her shoulder, his gaze scanning the interior of her car.
She caught on quickly. "I'm alone. Actually, that's why I'm here." She hated the way he shuttered his gaze, narrowing his eyes. "Does your brother still practice law? I need an attorney." Step one in taking her life back.
Caden tilted his head to one side. "Considering he handled your grandmother's estate, I'm pretty sure you know he's practicing law." His eyebrow quirked upward.
Reilly flushed, heat filling her face. "Well, yes, that's true. But this isn't about Gram's will. It about my marriage." She quickly clarified. "Specifically about ending it." Gah! Could she sound more like an idiot?
Caden blinked. "You're getting divorced?" He shook his head, clearly unsure what else to say.
She nodded. "I'm filing, yes. I'm back to stay and Doug's not coming." He'd never fit in Haven's Mill anyway. "With what Gram left me, I'm starting over and closing the chapter on my younger days. It's time to be a grown up." God, why did she share that? "Anyway, I can't afford to pay much, but I trust Cameron. The problem is—"
Caden filled in the rest. "He's on vacation. Left yesterday." A lopsided smile snuck across his face.
Reilly gave a little chuckle. "Yeah. I found that out when I called to make an appointment from my hotel last night." She glanced up, then back down. "I was hoping you could contact him—just to see if he can handle the divorce and help me file the paperwork to form a corporation—"
Caden's mouth dropped open. "You're starting a business?" Again, he shook his head, probably trying to sort through her muddled ramblings.
Reilly groaned. "Yes. God, I'm making a mess of this, aren't I?" She pushed onward, hoping he'd be willing to help… for old time's sake. "Look, I know this is stupid and a lot to ask, but I only need to know if he can help me or recommend someone who can." She stopped abruptly before she said anything else that could be considered lame or idiotic.
Caden studied her for several long moments before responding. "I'll give Cameron a call and get back with you about what he says."
Reilly heaved a sigh of relief. "Thank you. Truly." She turned to open her car door. "I'm staying at Gram's… well, I guess it's my new place." She slid behind the wheel and started the engine, eager to leave and not make more of a fool of herself. "I appreciate your help, Caden. Thank you, so much." She shut the door, put the car in gear, and back away, leaving Caden behind.
But this time she'd only be traveling to the other side of town… not running away to see the big, wide world.
She'd been there… and discovered how much the place sucked. Her heart belonged in Haven's Mill… her home…
And maybe she'd find her way back to her true self.
She hoped.

Reilly has some serious soul searching to do and Caden has to have patience or risk ruining something before it starts.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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