Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Zane's Ghost

Wow. I so look forward to my Sunday posts, mainly because the crazy that is the real world makes discussing fictional television shows and books a nice, lovely interlude.

Teen Wolf followed up with a terrific episode. I literally laughed for a good, long while during Stiles's FBI scene. The return of Old Man Crazypants didn't disappoint either. Just saying.

Had a seriously busy week playing taxi driver for the kids. Didn't get to catch up on anymore Killjoys or Dark Matter. I have to throw Wynonna Earp in there, too.

Now that the end of Orphan Black happened, I'll be adding that show to my queue to binge watch the entire final season. Can't wait!

The Last Ship premieres next week!! Really looking forward to having my favorites back on the screen. And crossing my fingers that I don't lose my super-secret top few this season. Won't be holding my breath on that one. LOL

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Zane's Ghost, a novella that started with a very cool writing community prompt. Create a story with the conflict centering on another character. Example: Because of [insert character here].

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Zane Warchild goes down in the line of duty, Kella Fine blames herself—after all, she realizes her mistake when she crosses a personal line and steps way back from Zane. Gray Warchild grows quickly tired of Kella wearing her guilt like a badge and putting his brother's ghost between them.

And a snippety peek…

"God dammit, Zane. Why are we still talking about this?" Kella Fine threw her hands up in frustration.
Her ex-partner drove her crazy sometimes. The ninth precinct might not be big enough for both of them anymore.
Zane Warchild quirked a brow. "Because my brother is being a raging asshole and he's directing his pissed off attitude at me." He crossed his arms and kicked his feet up onto her desk.
Kella bit back a growl. She hated when Zane got overly comfortable. Made it a lot harder to find stuff when she needed it. And, dammit, Gray Warchild had plenty of reasons to be angry with Zane and most didn't have a thing to do with her.
She dropped down to the armrest of her desk chair. "Look, you and I crossed a line we shouldn't have. Your brother has nothing to do with why we'll never be sleeping together again." Okay, not exactly the truth.
Gray had a lot to do with why she wouldn't be twisting the sheets with Zane again. But Zane's attitude, his possessiveness, and his utter disregard for their safety when out on cases topped the list of why she'd put in for a transfer three months ago.
Zane snorted. "Bullshit. He's got everything to do with why." His tone descended into the almost snotty petulance she abhorred.
Kella sighed. "No, he doesn't. I told you we made a mistake before I met him." She paused, once again wishing she'd met Gray first. "Gray and I aren't even dating at the moment." And they probably never would.
Zane rolled his eyes. "Right. Work schedules, blah, blah, blah." He moved his feet off the desk and leaned forward. "You know he's not going out with anyone else. He just won't get involved with you because of me." His lips twisted with a small triumphant smirk.
Kella lifted a shoulder. "Which is fine by me. It's awkward as hell anyway." Mainly because Zane made things that way, but Gray could ignore his brother if he chose to.
He didn't.
Zane leaned back again. "Yeah, well, you should've thought of that before dumping me as your partner and screwing my brother." He crossed his arms over his chest.
Kella exhaled slowly, tamping down a rise of anger. "You know damned well Gray and I didn't sleep together." They'd come close, but Gray backed off from going full-on horizontal, opting for a not-quite-as-satisfying oral conclusion instead.
At least he'd let her return the favor. A moment she frequently relived.
Unlike the one and only time she'd slept with Zane.
He didn't get why she considered that slip a huge mistake. He'd let their one night of passion morph into something it couldn't be. Kella loved him as a partner. Before… when Zane played by the rules. Before he'd assumed they had couple potential and didn't appreciate her differing opinion.
Before he'd left her alone in an alley during a tense situation because he didn't about a nothing disturbing the peace bust. Not when another call came through several blocks away with a better chance of getting a collar with narcotics. Their disturbing the peace turned into an armed altercation that almost got Kella shot and left one of the participants wounded.
He swore he didn't leave her because she'd earlier told him, in no uncertain terms, they wouldn't be hooking up on a regular basis, but the timing reeked of Zane lashing out to prove a point. She couldn't trust he wouldn't pull the same thing again, even after he promised to be on his best behavior.
Kella explained, again, why she'd wanted out. "We're not partners anymore because we crossed a line and you take too damned many chances." She couldn't bear to watch him push the envelope anymore and risk him leaving her stranded without backup again.
Zane hand-waved her reasoning. "Now you sound like Gray. He's so damned jealous because I pull in more collars and I'm on the fast track for promotion."
Kella shook her head. Gray didn't give two shits if his brother made the grade before Gray did. Sure he had three years on Zane, but Gray went to college and entered the police academy after his younger brother. Only Zane made a big deal out of moving up the ranks at a faster pace.
She opened her mouth to… honestly, she had no idea what to say anymore.
Zane's superior officer popped his head into the bullpen. "Warchild, let's go. Wheels roll in five."
Zane straightened and flashed a smile. "Task force duty tonight. We're on standby for the union protesters at the dock." He puffed out his chest. "Should add a few more feathers to my cap tonight." He almost strutted across the room.
Kella stood and followed him. "You know, one of these days a bullet is going to find you, if you're not a little more careful."
Zane snorted. "No way, babe. I'm untouchable." He strolled out the door and fell into step beside the task force leader.
Kella appreciated the necessity for full confidence, but Zane had her worried. Bravado did not equate to self-assurance. She had no doubt Zane brazened his way onto the task force roster, probably using his old man's name to gain entry. He lacked the full-training he should have to participate in the raids, meaning he should be hovering in the background, learning from the others.
So not a Zane thing to do.
Grabbing her jacket, she closed the door to the bullpen and made her way outside. She'd have her new assignment in a few days and finally be off desk duty. Her mind drifted to Gray. Maybe he'd be willing to revisit going out together after a few months of her being Zane-free.

I love the possibilities with this one. Family dynamics are so much fun to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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