Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Enforced Confinement

Greetings! Ohio has crazy weather patterns rolling through the state again. I'm at the point with winter where I'd be happy if it made up its mind and either stayed cold or got warmer. The back forth is hell on my sinuses.

Great week in television. The Flash had a good episode and I'm interested to see where things go now. In all honesty, the slow reveal of evil plans is getting to the point of annoyance. Get on with it already.

Black Lightning, on the other hand, is staying on form. I like the world building of this show. Keep on keeping on.

Riverdale is going down another dark road and I like it. I have to watch this week's episode but I caught up on last week and Archie continues to fail in spectacular fashion. I love all the bad decisions he makes.

Arrow did not go where I thought it might and I'm happy about that. I'm thrilled with the left turn the plot made. It's always the quiet ones people need to watch out for.

I'm moving along on Chicago Fire and I've started season four. I'm slowly but surely getting caught up to the current season. I love having the crossover episodes on the DVDs and following the storyline all the way through. Nicely done.

I'm caught up for the most part on Murdoch Mysteries. I loved the cooking competition episode. One of my favorite things about Murdoch is taking a modern trend and making it a trope in the show's setting. And it's always fun to have the spy versus spy episodes.

Need to catch up on Frankie Drake Mysteries and I might have time later today. Legends of Tomorrow returns this week and I'm excited to see what's next for the legends.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Enforced Confinement, a novella that started with a prompt to write two characters in a confined space.

Here's the mini-blurb:

After a break-up, Baylee and Noah get trapped in a confined space and neither is happy about the situation. But the enforced intimacy gives them a chance to meet their issues head on in a place they can't take each other for granted.

And a snippety peek…

Baylee jumped when a coworker called her name. "Geez, Anna, you scared me to death." She took the phone Anna handed over.
Anna grimaced. "Sorry, Baylee. I thought you heard me come in." Water dripped from her umbrella, which she propped against the wall. "I stopped by party, Noah had already left." She frowned before she met Baylee's gaze. "From all accounts, he wasn't happy when he took off."
Baylee sighed. "No. He's probably worried." She scrolled through her contacts and thumbed Noah's name, bringing up his number. "I'll send a text. Let him know I'll be headed home soon." She glanced up when Anna made a questioning sound. "What?" She fired off a quick message. "Emergency call. Forgot phone. Headed home soon."
Anna lifted a shoulder. "Why didn't you call him? After you got a hold of me to bring your phone… which was actually darned lucky by the way."
Baylee hesitated a moment, but answered. "Honestly? I didn't realize I'd forgotten my phone until I'd arrived here. And once I got in, they dragged me directly to the dispensers and begged me to figure out why they weren't working. I didn't call you until I'd found what happened and finally flagged down one of the caterers to ask if they had a phone I could borrow." Not the whole truth, but close enough. "I didn't want to keep her from serving, so I returned the cell and finished up the job." And tried to get finished before Ben's party got underway.
Anna tilted her head to one side. "Yet you're still here. What else happened?"
Baylee rolled her eyes. "Well, the fix didn't last long. I ended up sticking around for the entire dinner to make sure they didn't run out drinks. I've got the units tagged so I can rebuild them when they're returned to the warehouse." Which she had to let the head caterer know about, hence still being here.
Anna clasped Baylee's shoulder. "Look, why don't I stick around and let Marie know?" She nudged Baylee toward the exit. "Go on home. Be with your man."
Baylee almost refused. She'd bailed on Noah and didn't feel very good about doing so.
Anna didn't pick up on Baylee's hesitation. "Where're you parked? Hopefully not too far. It's coming down in buckets out there."
Baylee shuddered. "I'm around the corner. Didn't bring an umbrella in so I'll have to make a run for it." The drive home in horrible weather didn't appeal either.
Anna confirmed the terrible traffic. "The idiots are out in full force. Drive safely." She pushed the door open and held it for Baylee.
She made a mad dash for her car, hitting the key fob to unlock it. Prying the door open, she slid behind the wheel, drenched from the brief exposure to the elements. She started the engine and got the defroster going, then reached in the back seat to grab a spare t-shirt.
Wiping her face, she heaved a sigh. "Better get moving or I'll never make it home." Throwing the shirt in the passenger seat, Baylee hit the wiper switch and eased out of her parking space.
Visibility for crap, she merged into traffic and played the start and stop game until she reached the interstate. She thought about going to her place to grab a shower, but Noah only lived two exits off the loop. She'd head there first. Head aching, she could already picture him, standing at the window, waiting on her. No doubt angry and ready to give her a scathing piece of his mind.
Her grip tightened on the steering wheel. "Why the hell can you never remember to grab your phone?" The bad habit bit her on the ass more than she cared to admit.
Thirty-five minutes later—traffic sucked balls—she exited the ramp to Noah's street and finally made it to his house.
Cutting the engine, she dragged in a deep breath. "Here we go." Exhausted and fatigued, she popped the door open and slammed it shut then ran up the sidewalk to the front porch.
Noah greeted her, pacing back and forth like a caged tiger.
Well, hell.

I'm kind of enjoying putting the pieces in place for this story. Noah and Baylee have a lot of issues put the big one is fear of letting down their guards.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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