Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is Here!!

And boy did I fail to start my Six Sentence Sunday posts.

In my defense, December ended up being a ROUGH month. I started it by getting the flu and the whole family by one...taking us through two days after Xmas. Seriously, I hope no one else gets the icky virus going 'round. (My husband even got a flu shot and he STILL ended up with it. Bleh.)

We followed the flu with a kidney stone attack on my husband. He doesn't get them often, but wow...when he does they're HORRIBLE.

So, thankfully that's all behind us and we're ready for the bright, shiny new year. And to get off on the right foot, I'm shooting for weekly posts. I'm hoping the Six Sentence Sunday snippets will keep me on track.

*Pops the cork* Cheers to all!

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