Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Creative Ink #MFRWHook

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Today I'll be sharing a glimpse of Creative Ink, episode one of the Black Unicorn Comics series coming this summer. J

No, it's not a comic book or graphic novel. Yet. But it is something of a different concept. The series is set around the adventures of the main couple and their co-workers for an indie comic book company and the stories are somewhat short with no more than four to six 'acts'. The idea came from one of my writing groups where we were challenged to come up with the idea for a TV show, cast the characters, and write a short story to create the visual. The overwhelming and positive feedback for Creative Ink convinced me to start the series.

Series Tagline: Black Unicorn Comics—collective genius or creative madness—follow the adventures of Brian, Lucy and their friends and decide.

Book Tagline: Brian and Lucy are on the verge of mainstream success—watch it happen in Creative Ink.


Lucy Sanderson sat in front of the monitor, eyes riveted to the screen.
So into the material, she almost missed seeing Brian Wells enter the office. She finished reading the page just as he settled into his seat across from her, a mug of hot coffee in his hand.
Lucy cocked her head sideways. "So…" She drew the word out. "Where do you get the shit in your head?" She fought back a smile when his confused eyes flew to hers over the top of the cup. "I mean does it just exist there waiting to come pouring out, or do you have to work at creating it?" She purposefully waited until he had a mouthful of coffee before she added. "Or does wanting me to be half naked all the time inspire you?"
To his credit, Brian choked down most of the hot liquid, managing to keep the bit that did spew out to a minimum. "Dammit, Lucy. You hacked my password again, didn't you?" He grabbed a napkin to wipe his chin.
Lucy gave him a cheeky grin. "I keep telling you to make it harder. Altering your birth date by a few days is too easy." She picked up her mug of coffee and took a drink.
Brian mumbled something she couldn't quite make out—probably a threat for payback. But she called him on the password thing all the time.
"If I make it too hard, I won't remember the bloody thing."
Lucy chuckled gleefully. Brian never failed to entertain her, and his British accent came out in full force when he got riled about something. Two of the many things she loved about him.
She sat up and leaned closer. "Seriously, Brian. The issue you're working on now is gonna blow people away."

(Cover art is subject to change)


Blurb: Lucy and Brian—creative rivals and romantic partners—are pushing the boundaries of their work and stepping into the realm of indie success. They're challenged with keeping their relationship strong and hot when leading their friends up the ladder.


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  1. What an interesting concept. Nice hook!

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed.

  2. That IS a unique concept. Sounds like fun! Great hook.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Thank you for reading!