Friday, February 20, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot Encounter: Creative Ink (A Black Unicorn Comic Adventure)

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This week we're tasked with sharing a hot encounter, whether it's the first time or one of many others between the characters. Awesome! As mentioned in last week's post, I'm in Ohio and the subzero temps make reading the hot and steamy even more of a treat. :D

For my feature, I'm sharing a steamy moment from my current release, Creative Ink, Episode One in the Black Unicorn Comic Adventure series.

For a little background, here are the series and book taglines:

Black Unicorn Comics—collective genius or creative madness—follow the adventures of Brian, Lucy and their friends and decide.

Brian and Lucy are on the verge of mainstream success—watch it happen in Creative Ink.

Bring on the hot stuff…

He let her have a few moments of fun before he turned the tables and worked her into a frenzy of need with his lips, tongue, and fingers, catching hold of her when she tried to dash up the stairs. The man had his own wicked good time, teasing and tantalizing, using feather light strokes, nips, and flicks while slowly urging her up the steps.
Lucy indulged one of Brian's few requests and let him remove whatever lingerie she had on, since she so rarely wore it at all. He slid the straps of the purple satin down so slowly Lucy thought she might have to take matters into her own hands. He'd still been in the mood to tease, tempt, and torment her after getting her all hot and bothered on the way up the stairs.
Lucy's bra hung from one of the iron knobs on the antique bed she'd inherited from her grandmother. The matching thong got buried somewhere under the frothy white comforter Brian's gran gave them as a housewarming gift when she'd visited from the UK.
He'd sped things up with the panties, hooking the scrap of fabric with one finger and giving it a few playful tugs until he cleared her feet. Shoving it off to the side, he delved between her legs and drove her mad with his mouth. Soft flicks turned stronger and harder when Brian flattened his tongue to swipe back and forth. He pushed her to the edge of orgasm twice before finally giving over control, rolling to his back and dragging Lucy up and over him. She gave him a wide smile, then lifted her hips, settling slowly over his rigid cock. His hands came up to cup her breasts and he left them there, kneading the flesh, brushing his thumbs over her taut nipples. Brian held her gaze, letting her set the pace while she rode him to a mind-bending climax.


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Series Blurb: Black Unicorn Comics is on the cusp of huge indie success. Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the driving force behind the accomplishment. Friendly rivals and romantic partners, they push each other to do great work. Surrounded by a close knit group of co-workers, the ups and downs play out on a daily basis.

Brian's ex works in the office and his best friend owns the press. Lucy's brother lives next door and has the major hots for the ex-girlfriend. A competitor wants to buy the company and convention season is just around the corner.

Brian and Lucy act as the calm in the crazy storm of creativity and keep their relationship burning hot—usually in spite of the antics going on around them. They follow where the muse leads and it's worked out successfully so far.

Book Blurb: Lucy and Brian—creative rivals and romantic partners—are pushing the boundaries of their work and stepping into the realm of indie success. They're challenged with keeping their relationship strong and hot when leading their friends up the ladder.


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