Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Photo Ops

September 25, 2016

New television started for me this week. Gotham kicked off with a pretty solid premiere. I like Gordon playing bounty hunter. He's definitely got enough escapees to keep him busy. Really interested in where things go with Bruce and OtherBruce (aka Dude Who Looks Like Bruce).

Missed the premiere of Agents of SHIELD, but I'll catch up before the second episode. Looking forward to seeing how the team moves ahead.

Caught the second half of Van Helsing and I'm in for now. My fear is this show will be similar to Hunters where the first few episodes were good but things unraveled from there.

MacGyver ended up being better than I expected. As one of my favorite early adult shows, the original will be hard to beat. Then again, if the updated vibe continues and darker themes are explored, I could get behind the new reboot. Fingers crossed.

Needed some lighter fare, so started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries again. I'll get back to Strike Back soon. Can't leave Stonebridge and Scott hanging for too long. LOL

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Photo Ops, a fun little romp prompted by a charity photo shoot idea.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Mace McKenna decides not to participate in the annual Officers of the City charity calendar photo shoot, Nina Dean won't let up until he caves. But when Nina loses a bet and has to pose for the women's version, she soon discovers Mace is the orchestrator of the whole thing.

And a snippety peek…

"One final thing in closing. We need to do our part to keep morale up in the city."
Nina Dean snuck into the shift briefing and grabbed the closest seat to the exit. Mace McKenna stood at the podium, giving no indication he'd spotted her sliding in at the end of the daily rundown. Maybe she'd managed to stay off his radar for once.
"We've had a rough quarter. Major crime and the murder rates are up. Tensions are running high." Mace came out from behind the stand and stepped down off the dais. "Everyone, whether you work the beat, vice, major crime, homicide, or special response, needs to do their part to diffuse situations and rebuild communication. Trust doesn't come cheap. We all have to do our jobs and go above and beyond with problem solving." He pinned Nina with a scathing look. "That means making it to the morning briefings on time, right, Dean." A dark brow arched, daring her to refute the statement.
She sank down in the seat she occupied. "Right. Even if a commissioner's rep waylays us in the hallway, we need to be on time." She met Mace's gaze. "Won't happen again, Mace." Until it did, because it would.
He rolled his eyes. "I don't think any of us will hold our breath for that one, Dean." A round of laughter followed his verbal barb.
Nina took the insult in stride. "That's good. Wouldn't want anyone to die of suffocation." She almost always had a ready comeback for him.
Mace smirked. "Touche." He moved back behind the podium. "You're all dismissed."
Nina bolted up and made a beeline for the exit. The others followed, most carrying on conversations about how rough the day would be. She didn't disagree, but the commissioner's representative asked her to stop by as soon as the morning briefing ended and Nina didn't plan to be late for that meeting.
No way. The rep had been light on detail, but definitely caught her attention with two words.
Photo op.
If her friend Micha laid the groundwork like he'd said he would, she'd have a primo opportunity to put a feather in her cap.
And serve a little comeuppance to Mace in the process.

The back and forth of this one is so much fun to write!

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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