Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Quick on the Draw

Whew. Crazy busy weekend with my daughter's first high school homecoming. Very glad to have a day to recover. LOL

In television this week, Gotham keeps pulling out the stops and taking twists I'm not expecting. I like that. Keep bringing the crazy, please.

Caught up on Agents of SHIELD. The season feels a little choppy so far, but I'll keep watching to see if the flow smooths out a little. I'll honestly say I'm slightly tired of the whole constantly being betrayed by someone on the inside scenarios. Here's hoping that isn't what's going on.

The Flash is doing a pretty decent job of explaining the reset of the timeline and how it's bled over into the other verses. A little tripped up over the gender swap on Arrow. I'll say nothing else in case folks are behind.

I kind of like Oliver having to train a new team on Arrow. Really not sure about the whole Felicity thing. Reserving judgment until more of the season plays out. Diggle's in dire straits again, which, eh, could get old fast.

Legends of Tomorrow rocked!! I rather miss Snart not being with the team and Rip is hopefully not completely lost. Mick is a total riot and I'm kind of liking how he's meshing with the team.

MacGyver had another good episode. It's a fun Friday night show and the cast works well together. A little disappointed with the Penny character, but it's her introduction so we'll see how things play out there.

Van Helsing still isn't quite doing anything for me. Maybe this is a show I need to binge watch to really sink into the storyline. We'll see what happens.

The Walking Dead returns next week. I'm still "meh" about the premiere. That could change in a week. LOL

And that's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Quick on the Draw, a sexy short that started with a scene prompt from one of my writing communities—hanging upside down, playground, water pistol.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Willa Hown opens her property to paintball enthusiasts on the weekends and enjoys the antics of grown adults finding their inner child. Kip Jarvison rarely takes time off but his brothers drag him to Willa's place for a weekend of fun and messy sport. Kip's not thrilled—until he meets Willa and she shows him how much fun paintball can really be.

And snippety peek…

Willa groaned and dug around for her phone. "Ugh, what?" The ringtone indicated her brother would be on the other end.
Nash made a tsking sound. "Are you still in bed? What's up with that, Wills?"
She glanced at the clock. "It's not even eight yet, you moron. Yes, I'm still in bed." And she planned to stay there until well after ten. "Wait, why are you calling, Nash? Tell me you're not in jail somewhere." Wouldn't be the first time she'd had to bail her brother out.
He laughed. "Of course I'm not in jail. Swore I wouldn't call you if I ever got arrested again, didn't I?"
Well, yes, he had. Not that she'd ever hold her breath waiting for him to remember things like promises and responsibility.
She flopped back down on her pillow. "Then why are you calling?" On a weekend, in the morning, when she wanted to sleep?
Nash let out a sheepish chuckle. "Well… I kind of booked a three-day package for my roommate and his brothers for this weekend. They should be arriving around ten."
Willa bolted upright. "Goddammit, Nash, you did what?" Willa wished she could reach through the phone and strangle her brother.
He got defensive. "Whoa, Wills. Calm down." He covered the phone and spoke to someone then came back on. "Yeah, I told Kell he should stop by our place and have some fun." He waited a beat. "Really didn't think you'd mind, sis. I mean, you like Kell and all. And his brothers are really cool." He kept rambling. "At least Kyle is. Only met the other one, Kip, once. But he seemed okay and—"
Willa cut her brother off. "Stop. What aren't you telling me?" Nash never blathered on unless he had a guilty conscience.
Nash took a moment to reply. "I told them they could stay gratis." He continued in a rush. "They'll bring their own food and gear and they can stay in one of the trailers. All you'll have to do is get them fitted out for their daily battles." Another muffled conversation took place in the background.
Willa didn't need a jolt of caffeine to add two plus two. "Nash, you have three seconds to tell me why you did that." Dammit, she had a lovely solo weekend planned.
Just her time. Movies, ice cream, mani / pedi. Pigging out on junk food. And her stupid brother ruined the whole solitary girl power fun.
Nash heaved a sigh. "Well, I sort of horned in on a sweet thing Kyle had his eye on. Least I can do is let him have a kick ass weekend while I spend some time with Luna." The sound of lips smacking together and giggle from his side of the line.
Willa flopped back down again. "Geez, Nash. Does the guy code mean nothing to you? If you'd pulled that shit with anyone else, you'd be toast right now." Actually, he had moved in on someone before.
Their cousin Artie still threatened to kick Nash's ass on a regular basis over the underhanded tactic.
Nash's voice went low and quiet. "Willa, you haven't seen Luna. She's totally worth bending the rules for."
Willa rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Nash. You can call Kell and tell him to come a different weekend. I have plans."
Her brother sputtered. "What? No, no way. I told you they're already on their way. What do you mean you have plans? You never go out, Wills."
His assured tone irritated her to no end. "Didn't say I was going out. I said I have plans." She sat up again and untangled her legs from the sheets.
Nash peppered her with questions. "Did you meet someone? Are they spending the weekend with you? When did this happen?"
Standing up, Willa stretched out the kinks from sleeping. "No. No. And it didn't. I don't have some hot guy waiting in the wings." She paused a moment. "And I wouldn't tell you if I did."
Nash made a disgusted sound. "Then, dammit, Willa, there shouldn't be a problem with Kell and his brothers coming to stay. They don't get to see each other often and this weekend means a lot to them."
Willa scoffed. "You said Kell and Kyle have dinner at least once a week. They see each other more than you and I do." She entered her bathroom and started the water to brush her teeth, putting the phone on speaker.
Nash explained. "Yeah, but the oldest brother, Kip, travels all the time. They talked him into taking a few days off to have a sibling bonding weekend." He whined. "You've gotta let them stay, Wills. Who knows when Kip will be around long enough to have a paintball massacre with his bros again?"
Willa frowned. "What does Kip do?" Nash drove her batshit on a good day, but they had each other's backs, spent holidays together, and ran the business in the summers.
Nash answered. "He's some global accounts manager for a coffee company. Hits Canada and Mexico regularly and apparently travels to Europe at least once a year." He covered the phone again and spoke briefly to the mysterious Luna. "Anyway, Kell managed to rope Kip into this weekend getaway and I don't want to let him down."
Right. "Because you're hooking up with the woman of his dreams." She shook her head and left the bathroom, heading for the kitchen. "And nowhere near here to play host. Thanks for that, Nash." She pushed the on button and started the coffee.
Nash grumbled. "Yeah, sorry about that, Willa. But I'll make it up to you this summer. You can take a whole week and hole up in some unnamed place for a mega movie marathon and junk food pig-out."
Willa's lips curved. "You can bet your ass I'll be holding you to that promise."

Willa may have to change her tune when she meets Kip. Why have a week of watching movies and chowing on junk food when a sandy beach with a hot guy might be on the table?

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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