Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Baring Skin

Well… another homecoming is in the books and life can return to semi-normal, which is still crazy but less so. LOL

Terrific week for television with shows returning for their fall premieres (and one season ender)!

The Last Ship's finale was everything I'd hoped for. The people I wanted to see not make it died in appropriate ways and they didn't touch anyone on my "better not kill" list, so, yeah, I'm thrilled to bits with how the season ended. And it looks like season five will be terrific! Can't wait for next summer.

I honestly didn't know if I'd like The Flash, but it ended up being a great episode. Cisco keeps things interesting and I like where Caitlyn is right now. Same goes for Legends of Tomorrow. Their reboot after messing up all of time is excellent. Can't wait to see what they end up doing for the rest of the season.

Arrow's premiere rocked. I really didn't know how they'd end up resolving the island explosion and it looks like there will be plenty of repercussions. I'm interested in what happened to the few we didn't see in the opening episode, namely the former league crew. I can honestly say it was awesome to see Raisa back with Oliver, too.

Gotham had another terrific episode. This show just keeps getting better and better. I like how they're beginning to weave Bruce's story into Gordon's… finally. I'm pretty "meh" about the Sophia Falcone stuff but we'll see where it goes.

My Netflix queue random pick ended up being Midsomer Murders. I'm enjoying a nice revisit to this show.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Baring Skin, a sexy short that brings the main characters together through a series of unfortunate—or fortunate, depending on your viewpoint—events.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Rachel Maddox and Jack Luthor work together and avoid acting on their attraction, until they catch each other in compromising positions. But when they do finally hook up they have to decide if they can maintain their professionalism on the job or start looking for a place to transfer.

And a snippety peek…

Forty-eight hours later, the next shift day, proved to be a polar opposite to the previous one. All remained quiet, no tones dropped to announce a call, not a wheel turned, radio silence. Rachel took the time to get a solid workout in. Between the station house and the hospital, she didn't have to purchase a gym membership, one of the perks of the job.
Station five had a climbing wall—which doubled as a rappelling unit for rescue training purposes—and she loved taking advantage of the knobby terrain. She'd made it halfway up when Jack entered with Dobby Newsome and Eric Sailor. The guys critiqued her skill and cracked jokes about how much fun she'd have when the dispatcher finally dropped a call in their laps. As usual, Dobby took things a step too far and trotted out the sexist remarks he loved. Today, he focused his comments on her ass.
Eric shook his head. "Dude, if you don't shut up, Rachel is going to kick your ass. And we'll stand back and cheer when she does." He shot Dobby a hard look.
Rachel snorted. "Wouldn't be a fair fight." She finished scaling the wall and started her descent. "Dobby would need at least two guys for backup." Her head angled over her shoulder, checking to see if her barb scored a direct hit.
Score one! Dobby's mouth flattened to a thin line and his hands balled into fists.
Eric grabbed Newsome and tugged him toward the mess hall. "And with that friendly warning, I think we'll go check on the dinner chow." They made their exit, leaving Jack behind.
Rachel met his gaze and rolled her eyes.
Concern flickered in Jack's eyes. "Someday he's going to get hit up against a woman who doesn't have your fortitude or patience." He glanced toward the mess hall. "He's lucky you haven't actually followed through and cut off his balls."
Rachel continued her downward path, but turned slightly. "Aww, your confidence in me is inspiring." She twisted back toward the wall but couldn't maneuver.
Her sports bra got hung up on one of the rappelling hooks.
She struggled a little. "Dammit. Got distracted. I know better." Rocking back and forth a little, she tried to unhook her snagged brassiere.
A tearing sound then cool air hit her skin. Shit! Pretty much total exposure.
She quickly lowered down to the floor, trying not to laugh when Jack averted his gaze.
Rachel covered up as much as she could. "It's not like you walked in on me in the head, Jack." Unlike when she walked in on him. "You're not even gonna sneak a peek?" She couldn't quite keep a note of challenge from her tone.
Jack's shoulders stiffened a little. "Unless you wanna walk around five house with the girls hanging out, I need to find something for you to wear." He walked over to the small lockers situated along the wall, trying to find an open one.
Duly chastised, Rachel unhooked the line rope and shimmied out of the harness while Jack's back remained turned. He came up empty with his search. Unbuttoning his uniform shirt, he shrugged out of it, leaving him in a sleeveless t-shirt. He then turned and held the light blue garment up for her to put on, keeping his gaze averted.
She stepped forward and slid her arms in the sleeves effectively covering her front. "Thank you." Spinning around to put her back to him, she wriggled the shirt around so she could button it up.
Jack reached out and fixed the collar, his fingers brushing over her skin. An electric zing shot along her nerve endings. Whoa.
Jack's fingers curled into his palm when he withdrew his hand. "That should do it for now." His voice had a husky rasp to it.
Rachel gave a brief nod and barely suppressed a shudder of awareness. "Um, yeah. I'll get changed and get it back to you in a few." Now her voice held a throaty purr.
He inclined his chin, acknowledging her retreat. "No rush."
Rachel walked away with a strong desire to hear his voice in the heat of passion—especially if he uttered her name in a gravelly tone. Holy crap. Had she just crossed over into the need to make that happen?
Probably yes.

I like this one and really need to spend the time to get it all finished up. Here's hoping that happens this year.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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