Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Bedroom Chronicles

I'm loving the fall weather! Mild temperatures are so lovely and the pretty colors popping on the leaves are incredible.

Another great week in television. I completely forgot to mention Riverdale's premiere. Man… I love the show. I had so many questions after the premiere my head spun for a while.

But first… let's get to this week's shows. The Flash had a great episode. I like the new Cisco. I'm definitely looking forward to more of how Barry and Iris work out their issues. Legends of Tomorrow also had a great showing. I do truly enjoy the character's interactions.

Okay, Riverdale. Loved, loved, loved the premiere. I like where things are going and while I could do without Hiram, I'll be interested to see what kind of havoc he'll create. Having Archie take a darker path is also going to be fun. And whenever Dark Betty makes an appearance I notice. I loved her giving the lowdown to Cheryl. Speaking of… wow, Cheryl's got some issues, yeah? All in all, I'm excited to see what else happens. The dark hood killer will hopefully not take out any of my faves. I'm already a little miffed one of the characters I like might not be with us anymore.

Gotham keeps getting better. It always seems to throw in a twist I'm not expecting and I love it. Nice to see Lee back, whatever her drama might be.

Arrow is also throwing some nice twists into their plotlines. I'm down with Oliver being a dad, but I was very much hoping he would make Raisa William's guardian so he can still do his second job.

Continuing on with Midsomer Murders and also got my holiday movie and show list started. I plan to completely overdose on holiday fare this year.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Bedroom Chronicles, a novella that walks a bit of a different line for me.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Birk musters out of the military, he drops in on his best friend, Klint and his wife Elsie. They welcome Birk into their home and eventually their bed because Elsie can't think of anyone better than her husband's oldest friend to fulfill their deepest fantasy. But sometimes the best laid plans go awry and dealing with the fallout is a challenge.

And a snippety peek…

Elsie shook off the nervous tension and settled into Klint's arms. He cupped her face and slanted his mouth over hers. It didn't take her long to get lost in the hot and steamy kiss. Klint moved his hand down to get a handful of her ass cheek. He gave it a firm squeeze then trailed his fingers over her hip to ease between her legs. Wet and silky moisture met the fluttery stroke of his fingertips.
Klint made a low groan. "Ohhh, you're hot, aren't you, Else?" His thigh wedged up close to her core.
Elsie moaned. "Mmm-hmm." Her gaze slid sideways and she caught sight of Birk in their wingback chair, stroking his hard and substantial length.
A voyeuristic treat for Elsie. His long fingers fisted the girth and pumped up and down in a slow, steady pace. Between the visual feast in front of her and the friction from Klint's hair-roughened leg, Elsie's senses overloaded. She made a soft mewling sound and Klint soothed her, his lips ghosting over her shoulder before he eased behind her on the bed, tugging her back between his legs. His hot breath fanned her neck and he arranged her so her thighs splayed wide over his. He didn't waste time, skimming hands up to fondle her tits. Elsie hummed with satisfaction.
Birk licked his lips, blowing out a harsh breath. "God, you're sexy." His gaze met Klint's. "Both of you look amazing." Klint dropped a hand and his fingers worked over her clit.
Elsie moaned. "Mmm, Klint, feels good." He inserted two fingers into her warm passage.
She nudged her ass back, wriggling against the hard-on Klint sported.
He pinched her nipple. "Look at Birk, baby. He's stroking that huge dick just for you." His fingers strummed over her clit.
She gasped. "He's beautiful. I love the way he's looking at me." Birk's heated gaze drifted from where Klint worked her over up to her breasts then finally to meet hers.
Klint's lips pressed close to her ear. "Like he wants to eat you? Or fuck you?" He pierced her core with two fingers again.
She squirmed, her internal muscles clenching on the probing digits, her mind flashing with an image of being impaled on the thick cock instead of watching Birk's fist firmly tugging up and down on the solid flesh. Birk looked ready to do either… or both. A shudder rippled through her.
She moaned. "God, I'm so close." Having someone watch her so intently turned up her libido several notches.
Klint flicked his tongue against her ear, growling low. "Are you ready to come? Ready to let Birk see you shatter in my arms?" His fingers increased their speed. "Or do you want to watch him spill while I'm buried deep inside you?" He made a long, slow drag over her clit.
Her head dropped back and a low purr escaped. "I want your cock buried deep. Take me from behind so we can both watch." She caught his lips in a hard kiss and angled around, giving Birk a perfect view of her wet-lipped pussy when she bent down to engulf Klint's hard shaft between her lips.
Her head bobbed up and down, her fingers trailing down to slide between her silky folds.
Birk moaned. "It's so hot watching you suck his dick and play with your pussy. I won't last much longer." He worked only the tip of his cock, swirling his palm over it and tapping a finger atop the slit. "Please, fuck her. I need to see you claim her." He directed his plea to Klint, but Elsie gave a nod of agreement. She wanted her husband to put on a show for his best friend.
Birk's fingers circled the shaft again, ready to coerce his release. Elsie lifted her head, meshed her mouth with Klint's for a long, wet kiss then she scrabbled around and got into position on all fours. She wiggled her ass, enticing Klint to go deep.
She met Birk's gaze, her tongue flicking out to wet her lips. "He's poised to enter. Are you ready?" Her voice sounded raspy and thick with passion.
Birk nodded. "So ready. Can he play with your magnificent tits?" His gaze lingered on her breasts, dangling close to the mattress.
A slow smile spread across her face. "Oh, yes. He always does." She glanced back over her shoulder. "Now, Klint."
He complied, grasping her hips and thrusting forward. Once seated, he palmed a heavy globe, kneading the flesh and worrying the taut nipple between two fingers. Birk's eyes went dark and his tongue swiped across his lower lip.
She groaned. "God, feels so good." She met Birk's gaze again. "He's so deep. His balls are slapping against my ass." Something Elsie loved—Klint had magnificent testicles.
Birk reached down and fondled his sac, tugging hard on the dick in his other hand. "I can hear it." He glanced up to Klint. "She looks amazing, taking your cock, pushing back to get it all." He squeezed his shaft hard, pulling and up down with a faster pace. "You're a lucky man, my friend." He gasped the words, edging closer to the brink.
Klint agreed. "She's so tight, fits over me like a glove. And hot. Her pussy's so hot around me." He moved to her other breast, fondling the flesh, lifting it for Birk's viewing pleasure.
Birk groaned and his eyes slid shut. "Jesus, I can almost feel the heat over here." His eyes flew open. "I'm there. Tell me you're close." He let go of his balls, a hand grasping the arm of the chair.
His ass lifted, his hard shaft thrusting inside his fist, the tip popping out on each downward movement. Anticipation of seeing the milky eruption, and the hard length pounding her from behind, pushed Elsie close to the edge.
She encouraged him to let go. "Oh, yeah, Birk, come for us. Let us watch you shoot your load." Her breath rasped out and Klint, sensing her impending orgasm, pinched her nipple, tweaking it hard. A shudder tore through her and she backed her ass up against his groin.
He pistoned faster. "Tell me you're close, babe. I want a triple score here." He palmed her boobs again, alternating between the two. "Let it go. I'm right behind you."
She met Birk's gaze again. "Ready?"
He nodded. She held his stare and let the thundering climax hit full force.
Elsie quivered with the intense sensations. "God. It's good. So, so, good."
Her words pushed Klint and Birk to their releases. Birk gave a strangled gasp and the dick in front of her spilled creamy semen from the tip, dripping down to splash against his thighs, coating his fingers with the glistening liquid. The cock buried deep within her core erupted, coating her with its seed. Klint didn't let up, coaxing aftershocks from her until he got too soft to thrust. He collapsed backwards, hooking an arm around her waist to haul her close. His mouth met hers in a powerful kiss, his tongue conducting a thorough exploration. Elsie basked in his love and returned the embrace, thankful the man she married never failed to give her everything she'd ever wanted.
She eased away and leaned in close to whisper, "Do you mind?" Her unvoiced question received a quick nod and she held out a hand to Birk, beckoning him to the bed.
He stopped beside them and she trailed a finger through the pearly substance on his thighs, then brought it to her lips, licking the moisture into her mouth.
He groaned. "God, that's so hot."
She smiled. "May I?" She wanted more.
He edged a little closer and she shifted around, angling low to lap at the skin until she cleaned the area. Reaching up she grabbed his hand and brought it to her lips, her tongue darting out to remove all traces of his ejaculate. Sucking his forefinger between her lips, she bit down gently drawing a gasp from him.
His voice rumbled. "If you keep that up, I'll be hard as a rock again."
She released his digit and met his gaze. "Stamina and quick recovery? You might be the second most perfect man I've met." Klint would always have the top spot.
Birk chuckled. "I'm pretty damned sure you're the perfect woman. Thank you." He glanced toward Klint. "And thank you, for sharing what you two have with me." His hand cupped her cheek, but he addressed her husband. "May I?" His thumb traced over her lips.
Klint gave a feral grin. "By all means. But save some of that essence for me." His arm wrapped around her.
Elsie's core quivered when what they spoke of hit her. A steamy flash of an idea inserted itself into her brain when she lifted her chin and opened her mouth, inviting the quick thrust of Birk's tongue inside. He sealed their lips and delved deep, swirling the slick muscle against hers. She framed his face with her hands, drawing him close, inviting him up onto the bed by leaning backwards. He placed a knee on the mattress and broke the kiss, raising an eyebrow in question. She didn't ask Klint's opinion, instead she took Birk's hand and made room for him.
Leaning in close to Klint, her lips hovered over his. "If you're wanting to share…" Her mouth meshed with his and she thrust her tongue inside, letting him get a good taste of Birk before easing away. "Let's share everything." Turning toward Birk, she dipped her head in the direction of Klint's cock. "And if you're so inclined, you can have a taste of each of us, combined of course." The kinky nature of the suggestion had her getting wet again.
Birk's gaze flew to Klint's. "Are you down with this idea?"
Klint nodded. "Whatever Elsie is willing to share, I'm willing to provide." He eased back against the pillows and got comfortable.
Elsie and Birk spread out on either side of Klint. Their heads met and she held Klint's dick up. Birk started low, licking Klint's balls. Not to entice, but to savor the mingled combination of their essence. When the testicles were clean, Elsie kissed Birk, then leaned up and locked lips with Klint, lingering over the embrace. Birk went to work on the shaft, licking the final traces of their coupling off then cleaning her fingers holding the flaccid cock. Again, she met Birk for an intimate kiss. And again she shared the familiar act with Klint. Her body thrummed with lust, desire, and a deep yearning for more.
And the men already admitted they had something of a past, maybe a little more than what they'd let her in on.
Wanting to test her theory, she asked a bold question. "How far can we go here?" Her gaze landed on Klint because she wouldn't do anything he didn't find comfortable.
Klint supplied the answer. "As far as we want. I trust Birk with impunity. As long as he's willing to participate, knowing full well we're always committed to each other first." His eyes showed a willingness to take things wherever she wanted.
She slid her gaze to Birk. "I've never experienced anything like what we've just shared. I know we just met last night, but you've been Klint's best friend for decades. And if you're willing to be part of our sex lives, I want to extend the invitation." She paused. "As long as our antics won't damage your relationship. True friends are so hard to find." She placed a hand on Birk's arm. "Ones that last are even rarer." She'd never want to be the cause of strife between the two.
Birk glanced at Klint. "You're sure about this?"
Klint shrugged. "I wouldn't have let you near my cock and balls if I wasn't. It's been a long time since anyone of the male sex has touched me." He tilted his head to one side. "Actually, you're the last one. And that was ten years ago."
Birk nodded. "Yeah. I haven't had a desire to be with anyone. I'm perfectly content with a warm, willing woman, but I'm not afraid to push past my usual boundaries."
Elsie joined in. "Then it's settled? We'll take the next few days to explore all the possible options. Live out a few fantasies?" She went serious. "Do we need some ground rules?" Navigating multiple partners hadn't been included in any discussions of their fantasies.
Klint made a suggestion. "I think the important thing is no secrets. We have to be honest about our comfort levels. For example, I'm not sure I want a dick in my ass. I won't say a firm never, but I don't have a big desire for it." He glanced toward Elsie. "That said, if it's something you're dying to witness, I'd have to reconsider. Because I'll do just about anything to make you happy." He gave her a sheepish smile.
She grabbed his hand. "And I love you for it. But I'd never want you to do something you're not cool with just to make me happy." Mutual desire made their marriage strong, not capitulation.
Birk raised a hand. "I'd consider being the bottom. It's something of a kinky fantasy I've always had, so I'll put it on the table." He met Klint's gaze. "But only if you're willing."
Klint gave the thought consideration. "I'm willing. If Elsie has no objections." He shifted his attention to her.
She shuddered. "I'm actually getting wet thinking about it." And hot… seriously hot imagining her husband taking the prime specimen on their bed.
Klint reached forward, his hand drifting between her legs. He slid his fingers along her folds.
He inserted two and came away with glistening moisture. "Yes, you are. You naughty woman." He withdrew and licked her juices off a digit, then guided his hand to Birk. "Taste?"
Birk sucked the silky fluid from the Klint's fingers. "Mmm. She's sweet, isn't she?" He glanced in Elsie's direction, a satisfied smile on his face.
Klint agreed. "Very."
Elsie smiled. "Okay then. Before this gets out of hand, I'd like to share a wish. Can we all sleep here tonight? I'd kind of like to be surrounded by hot, male flesh on both sides."
The men had no problem accommodating her request. But first… they all needed showers.

Longer than usual preview, but I'm kind of excited about this story. The sages are champing at the bit to dive back in.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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