Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Bonus Score

Ugh… what a week. I've been down with a combination of cold / flu symptoms. I'm pretty sure I've pulled at least three different muscles from coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose incessantly. Bleh.

Not a bad week for television viewing. The Flash had a girls night out that brought Felicity Smoak over from Arrow and entertained in a big way. Legends of Tomorrow kind of disappointed me by bringing Damien Darhk back, even if the fight sequence proved to be very entertaining.

Arrow also had a great episode. Loved getting to know Dinah's former partner and have some background there. I'm fond of the actor who's in the role and look forward to seeing more of that storyline play out. Also liked having Oliver work with Slade. I'm excited to see where that goes, too.

Riverdale turned things up to triple digits. I'm still liking my theory about who the black hood is. Alice's past coming out and her reaction made the whole show for me. I want to see that story explored a little more. My one true hope? The snake charmer ends up being Alice's long, lost sister. How much fun would that be?

Once again, I have to catch up on Gotham. The whole cold / flu thing had me napping when it was on. LOL

The holiday movie overload is ongoing. I thoroughly enjoy the cheesy, sappy, happy fare. I've even watched a couple of them more than once.

Looking forward to more terrific TV this week. Tonight's post is from Bonus Score, a sexy short that's been a lot of fun to brainstorm.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Zeva and Bo meet through a gaming community and hit it off. They start spending time together and a series of wagers over who the better gamer is takes an interesting turn when sexy distractions become part of the strategy. When they decide to settle up once and for all, a bonus score leads to an unexpected win and the crown is claimed.

And a snippety peek…

"Java Jump. Wednesday. Four p.m.?"
Bo Schneider tamped down the kick of excitement when he read the response. He quickly fired back with an affirmative reply. Wednesday at four couldn't get here soon enough.
He shook his head. "Whoa… slow down, Bo." Wouldn't do to get too caught up in the moment.
Then again, he'd had zero luck finding someone who got the gaming aspect of his life. He hoped Zeva turned out to be more in tune than the last five gamer girls he'd gone out with. Those women defined hardcore way differently than he did.
He lifted a shoulder. "Zeva seems different." For one thing… she didn't chat during a campaign, which drove Bo crazy.
If you're playing a MMORP and teammates are counting on you, don't be typing in the text screen asking if anyone else is hungry.
Zeva also liked the single player experience as much as Bo did. Massive multiple online role-play gaming gave him a way to connect with large groups of people from all over the world. And the anonymous aspect helped him grapple with his shyness.
His lips curved. "Enough that I can actually make dates and keep them now."
Hadn't always been the case. He suffered through elementary school and junior high, until he joined a gaming club his freshman year. Having a group of kids who got him boosted his confidence and their encouragement helped him crawl out from under his shell. First by engaging with others online then by meshing the boy behind the keyboard with the man who needed to interact with other humans if he ever wanted to get somewhere in life.
He'd definitely carved a niche. As the head of marketing for a game developer. Immersing himself into a virtual world never failed to spark creative ideas.
"And getting paid to play video games doesn't suck."
He grabbed his keyboard and loaded up an old favorite.

So far, the vibe between Zeva and Bo is a lot of fun. I'm hoping the story comes together the way I keep seeing it play out in my head.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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