Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Drag Out the List

Well… this has been a crazy week. My daughter had a break on Monday for MLK Jr. Day and hasn't been back to school since. Four snow days in a row. We're supposed to have a warmer weekend so hopefully they'll be back to school this week. She's going stir-crazy and keeps mumbling about the district canceling school for the rest of the year. LOL

Not a bad week in television. MY SHOWS ARE BACK!! The Flash put Barry on trial and, holy crap, he's not in a good place. I'd like to say I cared more about everything happening but I just can't give two craps about the stupid body swap, uber smart big bad here. Eh… at least we're getting some good character development on other fronts.

Gotta say if you're not watching Black Lightning, find it and watch! What a kickass premiere! I'm excited about this show. I'm still holding out hope we eventually get a Vixen scripted drama sometime in the future.

Arrow still ranks as my top DC universe show. Even though James is similar to the uber smart Flash villain scenario, I like how he's got a team of junior villains backing him. I'm holding out hope this one has a satisfactory ending.

Riverdale. Oh, show. Where the hell are you going? I'm kind of thrilled I have no freaking clue what out of left field thing will happen next. Part of the joy in watching this show is the absolutely crazy dark alleys it decides to go down. That said, pitting Archie against Hiram is either the best thing ever or the stupidest move an FBI agent will ever make. Just saying.

Got started on The Punisher and, honestly, it ranks right up there with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. Iron Fist is still the weakest link in this group, but I have faith Danny won't be the most annoying superhero ever in his second season. Maybe.

Murdoch Mysteries had a great episode last week. I know nothing about cricket but it made an interesting murder backdrop. Also, it's so awesome William and Julia are possibly going to start their family. Fingers crossed that actually happens.

Frankie Drake provided a terrific case this week and also had excellent guest stars. So awesome to see George Crabtree around and doing quite well for himself. Also, Laurence Fox can guest star again whenever he wants. I'm totally down with that idea.

Finished the second season of Chicago Fire and, wow, what an ending. Got the third season ready to start today. Definitely glad I don't have to wait through a hiatus to find out what happened to everyone.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Drag Out the List, a novella that got a start when a fanfiction writing community suggested writing a story where a character's best-kept secret is revealed. Sounded like a lot of fun.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Velma and Kade have loads of sexual tension, but Velma keeps him at arm's length. Kade gets the why, but when she pushes him a little too far he turns the tables on her and she ends up in a compromising position—number seventeen on his list.

And a snippety peek…

Kade finished scraping the paint from the window in his bedroom. Screaming pink and some kind of marbled fuchsia and gold gave him a headache. Dee loved bright colors. Turquoise, hot yellow, sunny orange, and bright lime green rounded out the decorating scheme of the apartment. He'd asked Jim about it and the man chuckled.
He nodded toward the alley. "If you look in the garage, there's enough sandy gray to repaint the entire interior." He leaned in and lowered his voice. "I figured we'd have to redo the apartment before we could even dream of selling the place. We're lucky you saw past the blinding riot and made an offer."
Kade could kiss Jim for having the foresight to buy a nice beachy neutral. The color looked great in various lights and would give him a good backdrop to add some color. Nothing flashy like Dee's cavalcade of retina-twitching options, but a mix of blues and some pops of green and maybe a splash of red would work well. He thanked his interior designer mother for instilling a sense of good taste in him from an early age.
Putting the putty knife aside, he stood before the window. He loved the sound of the waves drifting onto the shoreline. The water appealed to him. Lake, ocean, river, didn't matter as long as the sound made it to his ears.
Making the move south ended up being a good fit. Okay, he'd only been official for two weeks, but he'd accomplished a lot during his brief tenure. Yeah, he still needed to move his furniture in, but the futon mattress worked as a bed for now. Painting came first, then the big stuff could come in. The most important detail had been covered. The ice cream shop belonged to him. No partners, no personality clashes, no nightmare dissolving of assets. He'd never been married, but he'd bet a divorce settlement would have taken less skin off his hide.
From this point on, sole proprietorship only. At least in his professional life.
"Now the personal… that's something else entirely."
His friendly neighbor piqued his interest. He looked forward to getting to know her better. She didn't give off a married vibe, but maybe she had a boyfriend. He rather hoped not. Easy on the eyes, a killer smile, and loads of curves made her a winning combination. He liked women who were fit but not to the point they were all angles and sharp planes. Velma had toned arms and legs paired with soft rounded hips, which he loved. Her ass looked damned good in shorts. She'd had her hair in a messy bun on top of her head and her eyes showed a range of emotions not to mention a lot of intelligence. Velma definitely caught his attention.
After a quick look at the time, he stripped his shorts off and entered the small bathroom to grab a shower. "No stinky pits for dinner." Humming an old crooner classic, he washed the sweat and paint flecks off then stood under the spray letting the hot water hit the kinks in his shoulders.
Physical labor kept him in good shape along with walks or runs along the beach. He'd put in a lot of extra work during the two weeks he'd been down here and his muscles were protesting. When the water started cooling, he shut the shower off and quickly toweled dry. Digging through his supply of clothing, he snagged a pair of blue cargo shorts and a brand-new white T-shirt. On his way out, he grabbed a sky blue twill button-up and tossed it over his shoulder. Slipping his feet into a nicer pair of his athletic slides, he started across the small thoroughfare separating their back entrances. The smell of grilled chicken seasoned with some kind of spicy mix hit his nostrils and his mouth watered. Eating out had advantages—no clean up—and takeout proved convenient. But he couldn't wait to have a nice, quiet dinner with a beautiful woman. He missed having a good conversation along with his meal.
When he ducked through the well-maintained opening to Velma's patio, his heart sank. She had company…
A tall guy who had the look of a longtime native.
Didn't that suck big ones.

So far, I like where this one is going. Velma and Kade should have a lot of fun getting their acts together.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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