Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Snippet: Dodging Bullets

January 7, 2018

I hope 2018 is off to a great start for everyone. For myself, it's like an arctic tundra in Ohio but that gives me time to write, edit, and catch up on lots of television. Unless it's three a.m. and the dog has to pee… then it takes fifteen minutes to bundle up to go outside so we don't end up coming back in as popsicles. LOL

As mentioned, I watched Passionflix's The Trouble with Mistletoe last week and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Honestly, the adaption hit all the right emotional notes. There were moments that felt a little rushed, but I have to give props for being able to convey small story beats so masterfully.

Also got caught up on Riverdale. The winter finale tied up the black hood storyline… I think. That new janitor dude is very sketchy-looking so, yeah, not sure. I am looking forward to new episodes to see what new fresh hell Hiram has planned for Riverdale.

I'm almost halfway through season two of Chicago Fire. I'm still not wholly down with the entire McLeod arc. The resolution, while satisfying—watching Isabella shut Gail down was a thing of beauty—didn't exactly make up for not know why she had it in for station fifty-one. Her bonus notwithstanding, I didn't quite buy the whole vindictive nature.

I'm looking forward to the return of my regular network fare in the next two weeks, especially Arrow.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Dodging Bullets, a novella that sprang from an idea of having childhood friends who grow adept at ducking for cover.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Sable and Gage live on the same street and survive their childhood by having each other's backs. When they grow up, they're still looking out for each other, but instead of ducking verbal barbs and flying objects, they're dodging bullets instead.

And a snippety peek…

Sable Rich withdrew her weapon and crouched low against the back of the building—an old warehouse marked for demolition next year. Major crimes had a lead on a human trafficker working out of the location and Sable volunteered to follow up. Raised voices and an exchange of gunfire brought her up to the front of the brick fa├žade. She darted around the corner and stopped short.
"Shit." She'd stumbled into an active takedown scene.
Damn her superiors for not knowing another squad already had dibs.
Her exclamation drew the attention of a tactical unit member. His head angled around and she breathed easier. Gage Waterson. Best friend. Fellow officer. And possibly more.
He cocked an eyebrow and sent her a look—one that said shit just got real—and she heeded the warning. She dove for cover right before a hail of bullets rained down from an upper level window. From her position, she had a line of sight to the second floor and she didn't hesitate. She fired her weapon and the automatic rifle fire ended.
Gage shot a thumbs-up in her direction then everything went back to standard operating procedure. The tactical unit fanned out, rounding up two suspects outside while simultaneously breaching the building to find the others. Sable hung back until the all clear then made her way to the unit commander, hoping like hell she didn't end up with a reprimand for jacking into their op.
The lieutenant shook his head. "Detective Rich, we weren't expecting you." He motioned for the uniformed officers to start loading the criminals into the van. "If we had been, you wouldn't have had to dodge so many bullets."
"She's been dodging bullets since grade school." Gage stopped by her side, his helmet tucked under his arm. "You winged the second-floor shooter. He'll be patched up then escorted to jail with the others." He directed his comment to Sable but spoke for the benefit of his commanding officer.
Sable appreciated the gesture. Might save her ass.
The lieutenant leveled his gaze on Sable. "That was you?"
She shrugged. "I had a good vantage point. Didn't know if you needed him for questioning. I tagged his shoulder so he couldn't keep firing."
The lieutenant inclined his chin. "Nicely done, detective. And it makes up for you being somewhere you shouldn't have been. What's major crimes' interest here?"
Sable held up her hands. "In my defense, we didn't know you planned a takedown tonight. We caught a lead on our human trafficking case and I came to make inquiries about Jordan Blake—"
Gage cut her off. "That's the guy you put out of commission."
Sable met the lieutenant's gaze head-on. "I'd like to talk to him when you're through."
The lieutenant lifted a shoulder. "You'll need to get with vice. They're the ones who requested our unit for the operation."
Sable gave a terse nod. "Thanks, I'll do that." She also tried to end on a positive note. "Sorry about the mix-up. Vice neglected to inform our division they had an active operation."
The lieutenant waved her off. "Sometimes the work moves faster than the red tape." A uniformed officer approached him and Sable took the opportunity to make an escape.
Gage fell into step beside her. "Nice to know we've still got that silent communication thing going."
Sable cracked a smile. "And that I can still duck for cover faster than most normal people."
Gage nudged her shoulder. "You've had a lot of practice." He would know… he'd been there for most of her crazy childhood.
But he missed the very first time Sable had to duck and run.

I truly love where this story is going. Now I need about four more hours in each day to really dig in and finish it.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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