Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Creative Ink

January 27, 2013

Greetings! Week number four and a milestone for me. A full month of posts. Woo!!

It's probably ridiculous, but once I find a groove, I tend to stick with things. And I've seen and heard about keeping blog content fresh and regular for reader who want to interact with authors. I'm one step closer to getting on that track.

Tonight's Sunday Snippet features a preview of my upcoming release, Creative Ink. I don't have a date for it yet, but it's off with the editor. Creative Ink will be launching the Black Unicorn Comics series, which I've sort of set up to resemble episodes. They'll be fairly quick reads, but should be packed with snarky fun times. And this cast of characters is so much fun to write. The story concept came from a friend of mine who posted this prompt, an inside look at a small indie publisher, as a cast the TV show challenge. I got so inspired by casting the characters, the sages got busy and started throwing plot bombs. Seriously, the first episode nearly wrote itself. (That so doesn't happen very often. LOL)

So, here's the tag line:

Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the creative duo behind the rising success of Black Unicorn Comics. Surrounded by a close knit group of co-workers they have fun and crazy adventures, keeping their relationship burning hot in spite of it.

And here's the snippety peek…

Brian always sent his hero, Xavier, on the best adventures. But he'd turned things upside down for his next issue. Instead of having Xavier outsmart the Zone militia, Brian ended the installment with Xavier behind bars. The last panel would be a full page rendering of Xavier's confinement in a rat infested cell.
Lucy shuddered. "I'm not kidding, Brian. It's awesome."
He smiled sheepishly. "It is coming together brilliantly."
She nodded. "There's only one thing I gotta know…"
He answered before she even voiced the question. "Yes. Marta is going to save him." He gave her a sly smile. "She'll have strip for the regiment to get Xavier out of hack, but it's a small price to pay, yeah?"
Lucy threw her ever handy stress ball at him. "You shit. Tell me you didn't promise Harry I'd pose for that."
It wouldn't be the first time she questioned her sanity about agreeing to be the model for Marta, Brian's alien warrior/goddess/side kick for his epic hero, Xavier the X-Tra-Terrestrial.
Brian lifted a brow. "It might be too late for that."
Lucy rolled her eyes. "You can tell Harry to eff off. I will not add more material for his masturbatory fantasies." Harry might be incredible with ink, but his people skills were sorely lacking sometimes.
Brian smirked. "Uh, love…it's definitely too late for that. He has an entire wall of you in…well, let's call them compromising positions."
Lucy rose slowly from her seat, walked gracefully around the desk and stood behind Brian. She leaned forward and let her lips graze over his ear.
"If you ever want to have me in a compromising position again, you'll rectify that." Her hands lightly squeezed Brian's shoulders then smoothed down the front of his chest. "Make sure those drawings are gone by the end of the day, 'kay?"
Straightening back up, she flicked her tongue against his ear—it always made him wild—then turned and walked away.

I mentioned the characters are loads of fun to write, yeah? The next episode has Brian, Lucy and crew at Crazy Con (fictional as far as I know. :D) and hijinks ensue, per usual.

And that's it for this week's post. I hope you enjoyed.

(Inspiration for the BU offices)

Happy Reading!


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