Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Merry and Bright #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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Since the holiday season is gearing up, I'm sharing a series of excerpts from Merry and Bright, available now from Resplendence Publishing. Over the next few weeks, I'll post a few pivotal scenes between Presley, Gunnar, and Frazier.

This week, we meet Frazier.

Book Tagline: Presley wants to start some new holiday traditions, but waking up in bed with Gunnar and Frazier isn't what she had in mind. Yet… she can't think of a better way to be merry and bright.


By the time he left, the snow had accumulated to several inches and the temperature dropped at least ten degrees. Frazier shivered on the way to his car and loaded everything into the trunk and backseat. He got rid of the cart and slid behind the wheel, starting the engine quickly so the vehicle would warm up. Rubbing his hands together a few times, he reached into his pocket, grabbed his phone, and dialed Gunnar.
He answered on the second ring. "Dude, mission accomplished. You?"
Frazier chuckled. "Purchased, wrapped, and loaded. I'm heading out now." He checked the time on the dashboard clock. "Wanna meet at Barney's for a burger?"
Gunnar laughed. "Man, I'm already there. And you've got a double cheese with a side of waffle fries coming up in about ten minutes."
Frazier groaned. "Gunn, my man, I definitely owe you one." His stomach rumbled. "I'll be there ASAP. The damn roads are a bitch to navigate."
Gunnar snorted. "Take your time, bro. The plows are out, but so are the crazy people."
Frazier agreed. "I know. Glad I'm not on shift today." The car finally warmed up, and his windows defrosted. "I'm on my way. Later." He cut the call and tucked his phone back inside his pocket.
Backing out of his parking space, he grinned. The twelve days of Christmas theme had been a stroke of genius, and they'd pulled off the easy part.
The hard part would be surprising Presley.

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Book Blurb: After losing her parents, Presley Griffith will be spending the holidays alone, and wishes new traditions were easier to establish. But instead of being by herself, she ends up in bed with Frazier Boyle and Gunnar Stewart. The cop and the firefighter heat things up and cool them down and Presley can't think of a better way to be merry and bright.


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  1. great use of dialogue on this scene. total guy talk. LOL. I love books about firefighters and police.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed. :D I'm especially thrilled you liked the dialog. I hope you love the book if you pick up a copy. Thanks for stopping by!