Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Snippets: The Deep End

Greetings on this final day of 2017. I hope everyone had the best of holiday seasons and wish all nothing but wonderful things for the upcoming new year. I have several goals I'll be working toward and I'm kind of excited about starting with a shiny new calendar.

Holiday movies are winding down and I'll be a little sad to see them disappear until the next holiday season. There's something a little magical about Christmas movies. My one wish would be to see some diversity and have Hanukkah, Kwanza, and even Yule or the Solstice represented. I'm fascinated by other traditions and wouldn't mind seeing some movies built around them.

The Doctor Who Christmas special ended up being good. "Twice Upon a Time" tied some things up and delved back into the shows history and, yeah, I'll give credit to Capaldi's final bow. A worthy ending to Twelve's tenure.

Murdoch Mysteries "Home for Christmas" hit all the right notes. This show is in its eleventh season and, honestly, it's only improved with age. The cast is top notch and the revolving round of historical bigwig and the guest stars that portray them rarely disappoint. I'm happy this remains on my watch radar.

I've also been enjoying Frankie Drake Mysteries—another Canadian show. I like the leads and, so far, the mysteries have been entertaining. This is a little similar to Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. If you enjoyed that one, give Frankie Drake a try.

I've started the second season of Chicago Fire and I'm a little disappointed in the whole McLeod storyline. Maybe if I had a little more to go on with why she's hell-bent on getting Boden out I might care a little more. And Benny Severied whispering in her ear isn't quite enough in my book. That said, I love everything else about the first five episodes.

I don't think I've talked about Passionflix, a new $4.99 a month subscription streaming movie service. It's brand new and they're creating original movies—and possibly series down the road a ways—and also offer several classic romantic films with more to come. To date, they have three original movies available for viewers. They're all based on best-selling romance novels and have varying levels of steaminess. The site has a convenient BON—Barometer of Naughtiness—rating system so viewers can find their comfort zone. I've been able to catch the first two, Hollywood Dirt and Afterburn | Aftershock. Guys… it's worth the $4.99 a month for those two alone. I'll be viewing the final new release The Trouble with Mistletoe later today. If you love romance, give this service a consideration.

And that's it for television viewing this week. This year's final post is from The Deep End, a novella that has one of my favorite tropes—sibling rivalry.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Raelin is six months into a relationship with Eames, but isn't feeling the spark… until she meets Eric, Eames' brother. The sibling rivalry takes an ugly turn and Raelin takes a big step back so the men can mend fences.

And a snippety peek…

Eric Bannerman left the interview with high hopes. He liked the company and the guy who ran the operation. It wouldn't be a hardship to work for Rand Bremer's outfit.
Eric blew out a long breath. "Big change, though." Ten years in the navy had led him to a crossroad. "Do I stay or go?"
Lately, he'd been itching to do something new. He loved the structure and routine of military life, but a new challenge sounded appealing.
His phone rang. "Bannerman."
"Bro, we're still on for dinner but can we meet at seven?" Eames rarely if ever bothered with greetings.
Eric didn't care what time they met. "Sure." He just wanted to see his brother and spend some time with him. "Where do I find this Rooster Rue's place?"
Eames gave Eric directions and signed off. "Rae's looking forward to meeting you. You'll love her."
Eric shook his head. His brother used to fall in and out of love every other week when they were in high school. He'd had quite the reputation as a heartbreaker.
"Maybe that's changed."
Eric almost wished he had Eames's ability to connect with women from the word "go". Eric dated but rarely found anyone he wanted to spend time with after the second or third month. His track record included more one-night stands than he'd ever admit to.
Part of the reason involved moving from base to base and being deployed. Neither left a lot of time to develop deep connections and became one of the reasons Eric craved change. He'd like to put down roots, meet someone and maybe start a family.
If he accepted the job with Force Solutions, he could combine his love of travel but have a permanent home base. And he'd be close to his brother. Their parents lived abroad with demanding careers in sales. Neither had been back to the US for longer than a week in almost eight years. Eames stuck around after graduating college and talked up the city. Enough so Eric jumped at the opportunity to interview with Rand.
Finding the restaurant, Eric pulled into the parking lot. "Might as well do some exploring if I'm going to call this place home."
And he'd pretty much decided to do exactly that.

I'm pleased with where I think this one is going. Sometimes the characters run off in a different direction, but Raelin and Eric seem to be playing nicely for now.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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